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Welcome to My Blogspace


I started my journey as a Teach for Nepal (TfN) fellow in April, 2016. I served as a Science fellow for two years at Shree Bhotang Devi Secondary School in Sindhupalchok district, one of the most affected districts by the 2015 Earthquake. Please, visit “http://www.teachfornepal.org” to learn more about TfN and its Fellowship program.

After I started this journey, I am learning more about the communities and people in my own country than ever before. My experience has been thrilling and the sharing of my knowledge has been the most satisfying. These captivating experiences have encouraged me to come up with my own blog. Here, I will be sharing my experience, works, and adventures via photographs, writings, and videos.

Welcome to my blogspace.

I hope you will enjoy my sharings. Thank you for visiting.